Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review-let:: Partials by Dan Wells

I'm not sure of the technicalities of reviewing a book in two places, and I did receive the ARC for this book from my HB freelance editing job. However, I have to share a couple of quotes and mention (maybe tantalize) you all with one of the concepts from the book.

Partials - Dan Wells

The lines I marked whilst reading:

"What do you think it says about us that we don't have any parents? I don't mean us, I don't mean kids, I mean no fathers at all--a whole society, two whole societies, with no parents at all. What do you think that's done to us?"

"Hope is not a strategy," said Kira.
"It's not plan A" said Jayden, "and it shouldn't be plan B, but it is every plan see that has ever been made."

"Because I'm a question. Because my entire life, the entire world, is so much bigger than it was a few weeks ago, and noe of it makes sense, and everything in it is dangerous, and somehow I'm at the center of it..."

And because it was funny: "Even paranoid clocks are followed twice a day..."

The concept:
  This book is a dystopian fic, set in 2065, when 99.994% of the world's population has been wiped out by a virus. One way the totalitarian-esque government attempts to fix the population problem is the Hope Act, a mandatory pregnancy law, requiring all women of age to be pregnant as often as possible. With all that's going around in political/news world these days with women's rights in regards to their own bodies, this law somehow made me shudder more than the Partials did.

Read it. Forgive it for the scientific technobabble at points and read it.

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